Friday, 9 March 2012

A Time for Healing Cancer

A Time for Healing Cancer

Healing cancer takes place when the conditions are right and favorable, doesn’t this hold true for most if not all things? Let us look at the conditions that enable healing cancer to take place;
Please answer these questions after deep reflection, listen to your inner feelings, feelings are the lanquage of the unconscious mind and you are after the unconscious answers. It is the unconscious mind that enables healing.

1. Desire – You must truly desire what you want. Write out what you want.

2. What then? – If you had this goal fully and completely, what then? (What would you desire then?) What then? What then?

3. Specific – Know exactly what you want. Look at what you wrote above. Imagine your goal with all your senses. See how you live with your goal. Notice the changes in your life as a result of achieving this goal. Do you still want it? If you had achieved your goal right now, would you keep it? would you continue to keep the goal for many years to come?

4. Did any doubts or objections arise? If so write them down.

5. Importance – Rate how important your goal is to YOU, how badly do you want it? Give your goal an importance rating out of 100. First look at other goals you have achieved and not achieved in the past and rate them first. This way you your rating will be more accurate. Also when rating your goal, sit with eyes closed and imagine a gauge with the numbers from 0 to 100 and a red needle to indicate the importance. Now allow the needle without any influence from you showl you how important your goal is.

6. Urgency – Urgency magnifies importance. When do want the healing to begin? When do you want the healing to be completed by?

7. Realistic – Is your goal realistic and reasonable? Do you believe it to be attainable? Has anybody esle achieved it.

8. Motivation – Does your goal excite you? Does the thought of attaining your goal uplift you and fill you with passion?

9. Flexibility – Are you willing to modify your behavior to do more of what works and less of what doesn’t work? Are you aware of where you are rigid in your behaviors and beliefs?

10. Permission – Are you allowed to have your goal?

11. Willingness – Are you willing to do what is necessary?

12. Beliefs – What beliefs are necessary to be a part of your new pathway (attaining and maintaining your goal?)

13. Limiting beliefs – What beliefs that you hold, will prevent you from attaining your goal?

14. Experiences – What experiences will maintain your goal attaining beliefs?
What experiences will maintain your present state/illness, limiting beliefs?

15. Action – All results are a result of actions. You have to work at it. Every day do actions that you know are beneficial to achieving your goal. List the actions you take. Congratulate yourself at the end of each day for the actions that you took that day.
What do you need to do to have your goal?

16. Persistence – Constantly take the actions and effort to do what is necessary.

17. Space – Healing takes place in the empty space. Health fills the vacuum. Love the void and love will fill the void. Where can you create an internal space?

18. Meditation/self hypnosis – Communicate with your unconscious mind. Your unconscious mind is in control of the healing/illness system. The more you are in touch with the unconscious mind the better.

19. Fear – Eliminate (release) fear (not scaredness), have the courage to investigate your fears, and get help if necessary to release them. Do you fear yourself?
If you do, why?

20. Love РLove really does heal all. This maybe an overdone clich̩, but nevertheless, it is absolutely true! Discover what love is. How was love demonstrated in your family as a child? What did you learn about love? Do you love yourself? What do you have to do to earn love, acceptance?

21. Release – Release, work through feelings of resentment, helplessness, hatred, anger etc, these are all valid emotions, but they create chemical toxins when they are repressed, as do all repressed feelings.

22. Commitment – 100% commitment means success. How can you raise your commitment to 100%?
What is preventing you from being 100% committed?

Healing a terminal or chronic illness is a matter of creating the correct conditions. The list above is helpful in aiding you to discover information about the correct conditions for you. Get uncomfortable, pry, ask, demand, seek, do!!! or be comfortable and not do. The choice is yours – be aware of the consequences.

By Philip Martin

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Monday, 5 March 2012



Cancer is Curable Now have been working very hard to create something which we believe will grow into a worldwide movement. A movement which is designed to empower cancer patients, nurses, health practitioners, doctors and, caregivers. That is to say, the community in general. This movement will show the world that CANCER IS CURABLE NOW with COMMON SENSE.

To achieve such a big goal we have joined forces with the best cancer experts from around the world and have created a COMMON SENSE COMMUNITY which is second to none.

Starting with the movie "CANCER IS CURABLE NOW" we have already reached thousands of people from around the globe. And it is going to get a lot bigger!

I hope you are well and shaking the world with your work. Have a look at the link below and examine the offer to see if you want to be involved in this important project. Personally I think this is an amazing cause. Marcus has already gathered such a huge momentum that I don't think you want to miss being part of this revolution.

Marcus has edited a FREE 1 hour directors cut from his original documentary "CANCER IS CURABLE NOW". This is a slightly shorter version of the movie and it is an extremely powerful message for anyone who wants to prevent and heal cancer. It's good common sense and very informative. This free video is the first step of a complete cancer education program, and details of that offer are available on the web-page below the movie. If you decide to join as affiliate please go to

Marcus has created a structure where every affiliate can have a 2nd tier of affiliates below themselves. So if you know even more influential people and professionals, don't hesitate. Forward this email to them. It would be great if they sign up under my name. :-) Just kidding! Have a great day and, please, let me know what you think of the program. Its offers, content and/or goals.
Philip Martin

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Cancer Drugs May Be Destroying Important "Gatekeeper" Cells...

Cancer Drugs May Be Destroying Important "Gatekeeper" Cells...

An alarming new study reports that some cancer drugs and conventional treatments can make tumors more aggressive and deadly by actually sabotaging the body's defense against cancer. These drugs are destroying important "gatekeeper" cells called pericytes.

Keep reading to discover how pericyte cells may halt cancer progression, and why destroying pericytes can be a deadly mistake.

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Saturday, 3 March 2012

Your Greatest Weapon Against Breast Cancer (Not Mammograms)

Your Greatest Weapon Against Breast Cancer (Not Mammograms)
If you like the idea of having what may be the equivalent of 1,000 chest x-rays in one sitting and actually boosting the mutations that increase your risk of breast cancer, then get a mammogram. Otherwise, rely on this secret weapon - it's cancer's greatest enemy...

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Thursday, 1 March 2012

Meaning the cause and cure of cancer

Meaning the cause and cure of cancer

Before we create a meaning, there just is what is.
Why is it necessary to know how the mind creates meaning? If you have cancer then I put it to you, that the cancer is a result of a pattern of meanings. What do I mean by this? Meaning is information that our mind has placed on an event, and this meaning is causative, that is, meaning produces reactions and those reactions have an effect. And all meanings are created by the conscious mind.

For every event in your life you will attach a meaning, for example if you watched your neighbor, place a wooden stake in the ground in his front yard, can you just accept that he simply put that stake in the ground and leave it at that? Or are you compelled to know why he put that stake in the ground? Your mind wants to place a sentence in your memory with what you physically saw. It wants to attach the sentence ‘he put the stake in the ground because .....’ It could be that he is going to put a letter box on top or he may attach a ‘for sale’ sign on it or if you see no obvious use for the stake, you may say because he is crazy. The meaning that you attach to the event, will depend on how you perceive the event. Any realistic meaning will do as long as there is a meaning attached, for the conscious mind cannot understand the incoming neutral information from the senses.

This incoming neutral information is conducted via electrical signals to the unconscious mind and the conscious mind communicates with language whereas the unconscious communicates with electrical and chemical signals and the subconscious communicates with feelings. So for the conscious mind to interpret the scene, it has to create a sentence, to describe and translate the information and the conscious mind is compelled to attach a meaning for this is its purpose. The conscious mind’s job/purpose is to attach meaning to reality.

The purpose can be described as - To see and experience what is and ask what does this mean and of course to supply the answer. So the conscious mind creates a reality (meanings) to overlay the existing reality. This reality though is our unique reality, for we can only answer 'what does this mean to me'. This is why the ancient eastern mystics say that reality is an illusion.

Once a meaning is attached, you now have a memory and it is now a fixed stable object that now resides in the brain. The memory is composed of two parts, one, the visualization of the physical event (the actual physical event happened outside of you and ceased to exist the moment after it occurred) and the meaning that you created, to attach to the visual copy of the event. You then attach a value to the memory, that is, how important is the memory in terms of your ongoing survival. In the case of the neighbor, there is little value or emotional impact, so the memory will unlikely produce any lasting reaction or effects.

Now if the neighbor took out a gun and started shooting at the stake, then you will place a meaning on the new event of him shooting at the stake. This meaning will likely have more value and an emotional impact. You may attach the meaning of 'he is a dangerous lunatic'. This memory, in particular the meaning, will create reactions within you, because you have deemed that the neighbor may be dangerous to your existence.

Next you will take actions to assist your existence. You may call the police, you may become more security conscious, you may move house. The memory, because it will have a higher value on it, will remain in recall and you may form beliefs and patterns from the memory and a chain of events will ensure.

The actions and effects that have come about, have come about because of the meaning placed on the event. It is easy to assume that we are reacting to the event but the event is neutral, as are all events. We react to the meaning that we have created, from our perception of the event. This may be useful or not. But we have to be clear here, it is the meaning that we attach to an event that causes an effect (for us). The event itself has no meaning, it is only meaningful to our perceptions. We fall into the assumption that the event caused an effect or reaction. This is because we see the event and the attached meaning as one thing and because the event actually happened, that is, it is a fact, then we believe the memory is a fact. But it is not, it is compilation of fact and perception.

To heal cancer or any chronic condition, it is imperative to understand the distinction between an event and the meaning attached to that event. The meaning is an illusion, it may be beneficial or not, it may have merit or not, but it cannot be the truth, it cannot be a fact. The best it can be is beneficial. The meaning is true in the eyes of its creator but is only part of the truth. If a number of people witnessed the same event, then it is likely they will all have formed a different meaning. They will form their own unique meaning based on their life history and therefore their unique perception. This unique perception is made up mainly of a pattern of older meanings and these older meanings are illusions too. So we have illusions creating further illusions.

As these other people have different meanings to the exact same event and all their meanings are true for the individual, how then can one meaning be true? For if it is true, then all the other meanings will have to be wrong. To each event there is an infinite number of meanings and perceptions. Each one can only be a part, a fraction of the truth. To accept one meaning is to deny all the other possible meanings. So in effect, meaning is a denier of the truth. This does not necessarily cause a problem if the meaning is beneficial to us. Though we are fooling ourselves if we believe the meanings are true, rather than what they are. And what they are, are concepts, constructs and perceptions and these dictate how we will perceive future events and what meanings we will place on them.

How does the mind create meaning?

The mind forms a meaning to every single event that we experience. The event is a stimulus to our senses and these are electrical impulses that proceed to the brain. To encode these stimuli and therefore have the information available to the conscious mind, the stimuli have to be translated into the language of the conscious mind which, in my case is English. The conscious mind’s language is our spoken language; whereas the unconscious language is electrical and chemical. To translate the stimuli received by our senses, they are encoded first into sight, sound, touch, smell and taste so that we form a picture. The conscious mind then ‘sees’ the event, this seeing the event is a subconscious (or middle layer process) process and to the conscious mind it is bland and neutral, it is what it is.

The conscious mind has not had an impact or done anything yet. The signal/stimulus it has received after unconscious and subconscious translation is that it is presented with a visualization. The conscious mind now translates the visualization into words and forms a sentence and now the conscious mind does what it is designed to do and asks ‘What does this mean?’ and the answer is the meaning attached to the event. It is what the conscious mind understands and this is now translated into feelings and fed back to the unconscious. Like all translations we have an equation – This equals That. The ‘This’ is the visualization and the ‘That’ is the meaning and like all translations there is room for error, the translation is an approximate. 'This' can only truly equal 'This'. The 'That' is similar but cannot be the same and in the case of the human mind the 'That' can only be a biased perception.

So meaning is the only way the conscious mind can understand (translate) what is. But in the act of understanding what is, it actually has to deny what is and accept what it perceives as what is.
So what we each do as human beings, is to translate what is, into our own unique understanding and seeing as we created the meaning, we then believe the meaning is true.

So how can this article benefit you in healing? What lesson needs to be learnt?

Meanings are causative, they produce an effect. A negative meaning will produce a negative effect (that is, a stress), a positive meaning will produce a positive (beneficial) effect. All emotional effects in your life are caused by meanings. All your beliefs are formed from meanings. Nearly all of your life (your conscious perception), behaviors, moods, actions and results are caused by meanings. Your life at this point in time is the culmination of all your meanings. You are where you are at now because of your meanings.

You, as stated before, create your own meanings from the perceptions that you hold, which in turn were formed by older meanings. In fact the meanings you formed in the first five years of your life have formulated nearly all the rest of your meanings and perceptions. Read the chapter on ‘Beliefs’ - 'Life Patterns the Secret to Emotional Freedom', to understand how most of your beliefs are formed in this early stage of your life.

If you want to change your life and if you want to be healthy and heal cancer, then this necessitates a change of your life and a dramatic one at that. A problem many people with cancer have and that they may be unaware of, is that they want to be free of cancer but don’t want to change. The reason for this will be explained later. It is interesting to note, if you do not want to change or have uneasy feelings about it, what meanings have you formed regarding change?

So, is your cancer a result of the meanings you have created, in short Yes! You may be offended by this statement. But by accepting this statement, you will be able to create the necessary changes, that will lead to health. And by the way, why is it that the body, though having the ability to destroy cancer cells, seems to support tumors, by increasing blood supply to them? Why does the body not seem to recognize cancer as a disease? Have we got the wrong idea about cancer? And how much do we really not know about cancer?

If you accept that your cancer is a result of the meanings you have created, then you can take responsibility for your healing: and let’s get real here, your body and it’s healing potential is the only thing that can heal you. Anything else can only assist your self healing system. No matter what we do to a dead body, we cannot make it heal!

Correct information will help you utilize your self healing system and help you remove what is preventing your self healing system from generating good health. By accepting that cancer is a part of your life and that your life pattern is responsible for it, then you can do something about it, if you created it then you can uncreate it! If it offends you to be told you are responsible for your cancer, please for your sake read on.

I own a car, it is my car and if I have a flat battery and the car won’t go, who is responsible to get the car fixed, obviously it is me. If I do not take responsibility for fixing the car, who will fix it? Will you fix it?

Your self healing system is absolutely amazing and can return your body back into excellent health, this is what it is designed to do and it can do it, but if like my car, you don’t accept the cancer and the healing are both your responsibility, then you are preventing the self healing system operating effectively. As well, there are other obstacles preventing the self healing system doing its job, which will be discussed as we proceed on our journey.

Being responsible does not mean blame, please throw any notion of blame in the rubbish bin. There is no place for blame, it is a totally unnecessary and destructive quality. Also we treat cancer as a bad thing, something to be killed off, cut out, something to fight and battle with, something to be overcome. Please understand, and it will be explained later, that cancer cells are your cells, and as all cells in your body, what are they reacting to, what is their purpose, what is communicated to them.
Cancer cells have a purpose and their purpose is to heal a stressful and damaging stimulus. In fact cancer is the result of a healing process, the cancer is the collateral damage. The cancer has prevented you from dying earlier. By understanding what cancer really is, you can heal this initial ‘disease’ and then it will not be necessary to continue with the cancer process. And it is a process, and when your healing system knows this process is not warranted, it will cease the process and expend its energies on healing any damage done.

CANCER is curable NOW

Important learning points:
  • Meanings, beliefs and perceptions are created by each one of us.
  • Meanings, beliefs and perceptions are illusions, they appear true but are just concepts.
  • Meanings, beliefs and perceptions deny all other possibilities.
  • Negative meanings produce negative results & cause stress and toxins.
  • Meanings cause effects/results.
  • Your experience of life at this moment is the result of all your past, which is formed by the meanings you created.
  • Meanings are changeable.
  • When change occurs – meanings have changed.
  • Meanings are central and causative of your cancer.
  • Meanings even if negative have a positive intent.
  • Cancer is a healing process, still reacting (healing) to a cause (stressful stimulus, irritant) that is still present.
  • Cancer is the label we give to an identification of a generally unknown process (the constant attempt at healing a constant irritant) similar to a grain of sand irritating an oyster. To heal the irritant, the oyster overlays the grain of sand with mucus. It continues this healing process and the collateral damage - the pearl (meaning a valuable jewel to us) is a cancerous growth to the oyster. But without the healing/the cancer, the oyster would have died earlier. The pearl is an irritant to the oyster but far less so than the grain of sand (the original irritant). The pearl’s and cancer’s purpose is to prolong life.
  • Correct information is essential to healing.
  • Misinformation is a result of meanings.
If you have cancer, then you have a lot of misinformation.

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Monday, 27 February 2012

CANCER is curable NOW"


For years I have been waiting until someone reveals the truth about cancer. Legally killing people with prescribed drugs has to STOP. We have to learn the truth! And what better medium to do that than a movie.

The movie I am talking about is called "CANCER is curable NOW" However it is not cured with medicine or drugs, but with KNOWLEDGE!

As you can see from the title and especially from the subtitle, this movie is not trying to sell you yet another scam, but focuses on educating you how to prevent and heal cancer effectively. With more than 30 international experts there is no doubt this movie has integrity and a solid foundation.
Check out the trailer which shows you more than what I could tell you with a thousand words.

Philip martin

P.S. If you know someone who could benefit from this, don't hesitate and forward this email directly to them. They will be eternally grateful to you.
See the trailer now

Thursday, 23 February 2012

The Perfect ATTITUDE to Heal Cancer Successfully

Here is an excellent video.
There are in general 3 sorts of patients and only one of them is likely to overcome and heal cancer long term. All doctors agree on, that the attitude of the patient is one of the most critical elements in the healing process.
Learn in this video which group is most likely to heal cancer successfully.

Watch it here

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